It’s always frustrating to find that the glass of your home’s windows has some damage that you need to deal with. Whether it’s a spontaneous event that you notice days later or you’re unfortunate enough to watch the damage happen in real time, you should know about the hazards your windows face. Here are the top five causes of residential window glass damage. Educating yourself on them will help you keep an eye out for them.

Aging Window Materials

No matter how sturdy your window frame was originally or how thick the glass is, windows naturally deteriorate over time. This is a larger issue in older homes. While modern windows are sturdier, even they can break down over time. Furthermore, rotting wooden frames or changes in the house’s structure over time can damage your window glass if you aren’t aware of the possibility and take steps to minimize it.

Indoor and Outdoor Accidents

Accidents happen all the time, whether it’s a wayward baseball hitting your window or a poorly planned furniture move. Both indoor and outdoor accidents are some of the top causes of residential window glass damage. Watching these happen is always painful, and the dread you feel initially is more than understandable. But you should remember that you can get your windows repaired.

Extreme Weather

Windows play a huge role in keeping the outdoor conditions out of our home’s interior. Over time, extreme weather can break down your window’s glass. The obvious culprits are things like heavy hailstorms or powerful winds blowing debris into your windows. However, all kinds of weather can harm window glass. Extreme humidity and heat can make your glass expand, while extreme cold causes it to contract.

Faulty Installations

Not everyone who installs windows is an expert at it, unfortunately. All the causes of damage to your window glass that we’ve mentioned can get exacerbated if you don’t install your windows properly in the first place. We recommend leaving window replacements and installations to professionals who can ensure that they’ll last a long time.

Thermal Stress

Thermal stress is most common in double-paned window glass, and it refers to a phenomenon where one side of the glass is extremely hot while the other is much colder. This often occurs on hot days in homes where the owners keep the inside at a much lower temperature. Thermal stress puts uneven pressure on the glass, which can cause it to crack.

Whatever kind of glass damage you might have, Tualatin Valley Glass will be there with reliable window and door repair experts to get your home back in shape. Call us right away if you notice that any of these causes have damaged your home’s windows.