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Preserve the beauty and integrity of your home with expert storm window solutions.

In the ever-changing climate of Portland, OR, storm windows play a crucial role in protecting your home, enhancing energy efficiency, and maintaining comfort throughout the seasons. Tualatin Valley Glass is your dedicated partner in offering specialized storm window repair and replacement services. Our expertise ensures your home is not just shielded against the elements but also retains its aesthetic charm and value.

We don’t only make things beautiful.

We make them work great as well.

Comprehensive Storm Window Repairs

Our team specializes in comprehensive repairs for storm windows, ensuring every fix from new panes to addressing cracks in the window frame is done meticulously to restore and enhance your home’s protection.

Storm Window Installation

We specialize in installing new storm windows to add an extra layer of insulation and efficiency, ensuring your home is effectively sealed against the elements.

Broken Glass Replacement

Broken storm window glass is no match for our skilled technicians. We quickly replace broken glass with new panes, carefully fitting them into the existing window frame to ensure your home remains secure and insulated.

Customized Fitting

Tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of your home, we provide customized fitting for storm windows, regardless of the window frame’s shape or size, ensuring a perfect match and optimal performance.

Sealing and Weatherproofing

Our sealing and weatherproofing services for storm windows go beyond simple fixes. We install and repair to prevent leaks and drafts, enhancing your home’s insulation with every new pane placed and every crack sealed.

Expert Storm Window Replacement Services

At Tualatin Valley Glass, located right in Portland, we’ve earned a strong reputation for providing outstanding storm window replacement services. Our team is dedicated to the Portland metro area, specializing in meeting the specific needs for storm window upgrades with solutions tailored to each unique case. Our approach is direct and effective: we listen to what our customers need and aim to deliver results that go beyond their expectations.

Our professionals bring unmatched expertise to storm window replacement, ensuring precision and care in every project. From evaluating your existing windows to installing the latest in storm window technology, we address all aspects to enhance your home’s defense against the elements and improve its energy efficiency.

The Replacement Process

Our streamlined process guarantees a hassle-free experience:


Understanding your needs and assessing the project


Helping you choose the right storm windows for your home

Measurement and Quote

Precise measurements and a transparent quote


Expert installation with minimal disruption to your daily life

Understanding Different Types of Storm Windows

Just as we provide an extensive selection of door glass replacements tailored to a myriad of needs and styles, our expertise in storm windows is equally comprehensive and diverse. Storm windows offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to protect and weatherize homes, yielding significant savings in air conditioning and heating bills within 7-10 years. With three efficiency levels, including a slim-framed Clip-on glass unit, the Best series (interior and exterior storm windows), and the Historical series, these options provide insulation, sound blockage, strength, protection, and screens for ventilation. While most models come in white, bronze, and tan finishes, some offer up to 216 custom colors.

Beyond cold air and rain blockage, storm windows provide additional benefits such as noise reduction, solar heat blocking, security against theft and accidental fallouts, paint and glazing protection, dust blockage, and insect prevention. The benefits increase with the durability and price of the storm windows.

The Clip-On Storm Windows

Is suitable for both inside and outside installation, improve inside temperatures by 5-7 degrees, offering a removable option that allows operability for casement windows and optional screens for ventilation.

The Inside Mount Series

With single strength 1/8″ to 3/16″ thick glass, enhances inside temperatures by 8-12 degrees, reduces drafts by up to 48%, significantly lessens outside noise, and improves the U-Factor by up to 50%. The glass panel is also easily removable for summer ventilation and cleaning. We have colors available in brown and white.

Our Best Series

Delivers a remarkable 6-10 degree improvement in indoor temperatures with single or double strength glass. It reduces drafts by up to 48%, ensuring your curtains stay still. This series also significantly minimizes outside noise, depending on your chosen glass thickness, and enhances your existing window’s U-Factor by up to 50%. Versatile options include single hung, double hung with a full screen, slider, and picture windows, as well as an inside mount picture window. Choose from elegant colors like white, almond, sandstone, and earth tone brown to seamlessly blend with your style.

The Architectural Heritage Historic Series

Offers unique options like arched single hung storm windows, exterior single and double hung storm windows, and interior small profile frames with magnetic mounting options and special shapes, catering to residential, industrial, and commercial use with materials such as fiberglass, bronze, stainless steel mesh, and low E glass.

Why Choose Us for Your Storm Windows in Portland

Choosing Tualatin Valley Glass for your storm windows in Portland means choosing a team that truly understands the local climate and your specific needs. We’re not just any business; we’re a part of your community. Our dedication to quality, combined with our commitment to excellent customer service, sets us apart. We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials, delivering meticulous craftsmanship, and providing personalized service that addresses your unique situation. Our knowledgeable team is equipped to handle everything from straightforward repairs to more complex installations, all without compromising on quality or value.

Upgrading Storm Windows

Upgrading your storm windows with Tualatin Valley Glass significantly enhances your home’s resilience against weather damage. Our advanced storm window solutions are designed to offer superior insulation, noise reduction, and robust protection against the elements, including energy-efficient coatings, durable framing materials, and innovative design features. This upgrade is crucial for safeguarding your home against Portland’s unique weather challenges, ensuring your living environment remains comfortable, secure, and visually appealing. With our specialized upgrades, your home gains an essential layer of defense against weather damage, making your storm windows a key component in preserving your home’s integrity and charm.

Replacing Glass in Storm Windows

Our proficiency in enhancing your home extends to the specialized task of replacing and repairing glass in storm and dual-pane windows. Similar to how we handle sliding patio doors, we approach storm and dual-pane windows with an eye for detail and efficiency. Whether addressing cracks, breaks, or seal failures, our goal is to restore your windows to their optimal clarity and performance. By selecting high-quality glass tailored to the needs of your home, we ensure that each replacement not only improves the insulation and functionality of your windows but also contributes to the aesthetic and comfort of your living space. This careful attention to detail is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your home’s envelope, especially in Portland’s diverse weather conditions.

Storm Window Glass Replacement

Our storm window glass replacement services in Portland, OR are adept at swiftly improving the comfort and efficiency of both residential and commercial settings. By replacing broken or inefficient glass with superior options, we enhance insulation and durability. Tailored specifically for properties with wood frame windows, our process seamlessly integrates new glass or panes, meticulously matched to honor the aesthetics of your home’s original windows and complement the exterior trim. This careful preservation of original windows, coupled with our commitment to energy efficiency, ensures that your property retains its architectural integrity while benefiting from modern performance and style.

Start Your Storm Window Replacement Journey

Are you contemplating the upgrade or replacement of your storm windows? Reach out to Tualatin Valley Glass today to embark on a journey toward a safer and more comfortable living environment. Our team is eager to assist you in exploring the various storm window options available in Portland, OR, guiding you toward making well-informed decisions that align with your home’s needs and aesthetic preferences. Together, we’ll work to prepare your home to face the distinctive challenges of Portland’s weather, ensuring long-term comfort and protection. Remember, beyond storm windows, we also offer specialized services in mobile screens and more, providing a comprehensive solution to all your window needs with the same level of quality and customer service excellence.

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