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Discover top-quality storm doors and get expert installation, repair, and a wide selection to protect & enhance your home.

Storm Doors in Portland: Secure Your Home with Quality

In Portland, Oregon, where the whisper of the wind can quickly turn into the roar of a storm, the entrance to your home becomes the frontline of protection. At Tualatin Valley Glass, we don’t just see storm doors as mere entryways; we view them as guardians of your home, keepers of warmth, and enhancers of curb appeal. With decades of service under our belt since 1975, we bring a blend of tradition, expertise, and innovation to every storm door we install, replace, or repair.

Why Choose a Storm Door for Your Portland Home?

Given Portland’s distinctive weather patterns, your home deserves an equally exceptional solution. A storm door from Tualatin Valley Glass is more than just an entryway; it’s an integrated defense system offering superior security, thermal efficiency, and robust protection against the ever-changing climate of the Pacific Northwest.

Superior Security

Crafted from premium materials and equipped with the latest security technology, our storm doors stand as vigilant guardians of your peace and safety.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Engineered to retain warmth and eliminate drafts, our storm doors are an investment in comfort and cost savings, potentially lowering energy expenditures.

Boost to Property Value

Beyond safeguarding your residence, a beautifully designed storm door enhances its aesthetic appeal, increasing overall property value.

Why Tualatin Valley Glass?

Choosing us means partnering with a company that values quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our years of experience in Portland, Oregon, have made us a trusted name in storm door installation, replacement, and repair. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship and service, ensuring that your needs are met promptly and professionally.

Our Storm Door Services

As certified professionals in Portland, Oregon, we’re committed to providing timely, high-quality service for all your storm door needs. Our expertise ensures that every installation, replacement, or repair job we undertake is performed with precision and care.

1. Custom Storm Door Installation

Our certified professionals excel in securing front entrances and providing tailored solutions for a patio door or installing a sliding glass door. Whether it’s enhancing the entrance with a protective storm door, adding an extra layer of security to a patio or screen door, or safeguarding a sliding glass door against the elements, our team guarantees a precise and swift installation. We manage every aspect from measurement to final installation, ensuring your satisfaction with a seamlessly integrated storm door that complements your home’s unique style.

2. Professional Storm Door Replacement

Wear, tear, and time can take their toll on any storm door in Portland. When it’s time for a replacement, our team is here to help you select and install a new storm door that meets your current needs and preferences. We guarantee a seamless replacement process that is done on time, from the initial consultation to the final installation.

3. Comprehensive Repair Services

Our expertise doesn’t stop at installation and replacement. The Portland weather can be tough on storm doors, leading to wear or damage over time. Whether it’s a screen that needs replacing, a cracked door glass pane, or a warped frame, our team has the tools and knowledge to fix it. We offer a comprehensive repair service that ensures your storm door functions perfectly, protecting your home from both the elements and uninvited guests.

4. Exclusive Selection of Storm Doors

We believe, variety is key to ensuring you find the perfect Portland, OR, storm door to complement your home’s front door. Our exclusive selection includes screen doors for those warm, breezy days, sliding glass doors for ease of access with aesthetic appeal, and robust storm doors that enhance the security and style of your front entrance. Each option is thoughtfully designed to improve security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal, making the front door of your house not just an entry point, but a statement of your home’s character and your commitment to its protection.

Enhancing Your Home with the Right Storm Door

Selecting the right storm door is about understanding your home’s needs and your personal style preferences. Our team is here to help you navigate the options, ensuring you find a storm door that meets your practical requirements and enhances your home’s curb appeal. We’ll guide you through choosing the right material, style, and features to complement your home’s decor and architecture.

Understanding Storm Doors: Materials and Benefits


Lightweight yet strong, aluminum doors offer great durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.


Wood storm doors are an excellent choice for a classic look that can be customized to match your home. They require more maintenance but provide unmatched natural beauty.


Full or partial glass storm doors can dramatically increase the natural light in your entryway while providing a clear view of the outdoors.

Storm Door Installation Process

Our installation process is designed to be as efficient and non-disruptive as possible. Our certified professionals will carefully handle every aspect of the installation, ensuring that your new storm door fits perfectly and functions as intended. We pride ourselves on completing installations promptly, with minimal inconvenience to you and your family.

Maintaining Your Storm Door

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your storm door continues to function optimally and retains its visual appeal. We’ll provide you with simple yet effective tips for maintaining your storm door, including how to clean different materials, check and tighten hardware, and inspect for wear and tear. Regular maintenance extends the life of your storm door in Portland and ensures it continues to provide security, energy efficiency, and aesthetic value to your home.

The Importance of Professional Installation

A storm door’s benefits—security, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal—are maximized when properly installed. Our certified professionals ensure that every installation is performed with precision, guaranteeing that your storm door is mounted securely and operates smoothly. Trusting your storm door installation to experts ensures it will perform as intended, protecting your home for years.

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