There is nothing better than unwrapping a gift to reveal something that is wholly unique and seemingly hand-picked just for you. With the holidays coming up, you likely want to provide someone else with the same experience that says, “I bought this just for you.” If you are wondering about the perfect holiday gift, consider these reasons to buy a custom mirror.

Unique Addition

If the person you are thinking about loves decorating their home with unique pieces that no one else has, consider gifting them a custom mirror. When you have a custom mirror in your home, you truly have something distinctive and rare. In fact, the sky is the limit, as there are many options and customizations available. You can make the mirror in nearly any shape you want, from trapezoids to hexagons and more.


When thinking about the perfect gift, you also want to ensure you are getting the recipient something that lasts longer than the holiday season itself. Often, we receive or give gifts that aren’t high-quality and quickly break within a short amount of time. That is why a custom mirror makes the perfect holiday gift, as you can trust it will remain in your giftee’s possession for years to come.

At Tualatin Valley Glass, we make custom mirrors in Portland, Oregon, cut to your specifications and details. We are the company you can rely on for gifts that will bring your loved ones happiness every time they look into them.

Liven Up Furniture

You might have a friend or family member who has antique mirrored furniture gathering dust in their garage or basement, begging for a new life. Often, people may not be able to find the time to get a custom mirror, even if it’s for a piece of furniture they love. Consider surprising them by giving new life to their antique furniture with a custom mirror this holiday season.