When you are designing your home, you quickly find out that every piece you choose will add to the entire layout. Your home is almost like a puzzle, but you’re making the pieces and the picture as you go, shifting each aspect to create something you love. While the freedom is undeniably exciting, it can also be a little stressful because you want your home to be the perfect reflection of you. That’s why you’ll want to use these tips on selecting the best color for your glass tabletop.

Form of Expression

Have you ever looked at a color and felt an emotion? That feeling could have been one of joy, peace, or even discomfort. Colors can elicit a range of emotions, which is why they can be so useful in creating a specific energy in your home. The first thing you want to consider when selecting the best color glass for your tabletop is the type of feelings you want to create in your home. For example, hues like gray, blue, and green can bring a sense of calm.

Complementary Colors

If you have a color scheme in mind but aren’t quite sure that the color for your glass tabletop will mesh well, then you should make sure it’s a complementary color. Complementary colors are ones that sit directly across each other on the color circle. These hues work symbiotically to create a colorful display that isn’t harsh or overbearing. In fact, one color is more dominant while the other acts more as an accent.

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Make It Pop

Sometimes you want to add a splash of color to your interior design, and one way to do that is with your tabletop. Many homes have a uniform appearance that can sometimes look like it’s missing something that will tie it together. That’s why you might want to consider blue or green glass for your tabletop to add a much-needed pop of color.