There have likely been a couple of times throughout your life when you ran into issues keeping your windows upright. You might opt to use a random object to prop your window open instead of addressing the source of the problem.

If windows refuse to stay upright, the window balances are likely old and need replacement. Thankfully, balance replacement and maintenance are easier than you think. Find out more on simple maintenance tips you should know to ensure your window balances last longer.

Window Balances

If you are unfamiliar with window balances, you might be happy to know they are the tiny tools on your windows that keep them upright. However, they can also become the bane of your existence once they start deteriorating, resulting in slamming windows and stale air. These simple maintenance tips for your window balances will help you keep these essential window parts in working order.


Window balances can last you nearly 10-15 years before you must replace them. There are also some actions you can take to help them last as long as possible. If your windows are hard to open, you can start by lubricating and cleaning your balances.

Lubricating your balances is useful if you use your windows constantly or your window is subject to water damage. Any time you notice your windows are harder to open, you also might consider applying a little lubricant. Using silicone or wax spray is best to help loosen it up.


If the lubrication method does not rectify your problem, you might need to replace your window balances. However, you should seek a professional’s help, as there are various window balance mechanisms and issues that could cause your imbalance.

At Tualatin Valley Glass, we provide window coil and spring balance replacement. Whether your window is stuck open, crooked, can’t open, or broken, we are happy to help address any problem you are experiencing.