Humans are quite inquisitive. For thousands of years, we have searched for our likeness in reflections, marveling at what we look like. In the 21st century, we still like to use mirrors. In fact, we have found that mirrors also serve as a great interior design element. Mirrors add brightness and spaciousness to a room, but how do you bring this element to your unique home? Keep reading for why you should get custom mirrors for your home.

Dynamic Look

Many of us know that mirrors add a dynamic look that helps a room appear brighter and larger. But it’s not so easy to simply include a mirror in an area without making some preparations first. Many people might add a full-length mirror to achieve that dynamic appearance, but sometimes, that doesn’t enhance the particular room. It’s much better to add a mirror in a way that works with the room arrangements. Therefore, you should get custom mirrors for your home.

Mirrored Doors

One of the best ways to add mirrors to a room is to add them to your doors, but not every door is the same. Some require custom work. That’s where Tualatin Valley Glass is happy to help you with your every custom need. We provide custom mirrors in Portland, Oregon, and we can cut them to your exact specifications. Whether you want circles, ovals, arches, or hexagons, we can do it all!

Antique Furniture

If you love to search for antique furniture or have a lovely piece gifted to you by a family member, then you might benefit from custom mirrors. There are many antique pieces that come with a mirror element that has likely broken, aged, or is missing altogether. You shouldn’t have to toss it out or display it as an unfinished piece. Custom mirrors are great for bringing your antique furniture back to life.