Designing a kitchen that you’ll love comes with a ton of decisions. As one of the most integral parts of the home, your kitchen deserves a little more forethought with its design and layout. After all, you’ll likely spend quite a bit of time in it. There are plenty of advantages to having glass cabinet doors in your kitchen. Keep reading here, and you’ll find out quickly if they seem right for you.

Open Up the Kitchen Space

Not everyone has massive kitchens with tons of space in them. If you want a kitchen that doesn’t look small and dark, glass cabinet doors can be an easy solution to the problem. Cabinets can take up lots of space. If you have too much cabinetry, it can almost seem to choke out the kitchen entirely. With glass doors in the cabinets, all that space doesn’t get completely closed off to our eyes. This ends up making practically any kitchen seem much larger and more inviting.

Allow for More Decorative Elements

Perhaps one of the more fun advantages of glass cabinet doors in a kitchen is how they let you incorporate more décor. Suddenly, all your plates, glasses, and mugs don’t have to remain hidden away. Instead, they can actually add to the design of your kitchen. Even if you don’t always want them on full display, you can use a type of glass in your cabinets that isn’t fully transparent, such as frosted glass. This way, you’ll just get a hint at the items behind the window.

Pair Well With Any Style

Glass is one of those materials you can make work with any design style. Whether you prefer a modern and sleek look or a more classic one, glass cabinets can fit in with just about anything. With a range of textured glass to choose from, you can pair glass cabinet doors with any aesthetic you might want in your kitchen. It also adds another level of customizability to one of the most important rooms in your home.

Easy To Clean

Compared to traditional cabinetry, glass cabinet doors are much easier to clean. A little bit of glass cleaning spray and a paper towel is all you need for them to look their best in no time. An added benefit is that you can tell right away if they need a cleaning. For dark, wooden cabinetry, you might go a long time without even realizing that your cabinets are filthy, meaning you must work much harder to get them clean again.

To make your kitchen look its best, Tualatin Valley Glass offers custom glass cutting to perfectly fit your kitchen’s size and design. Contact us to find out what options are available for your dream kitchen.