If you’re experiencing issues with your home’s windows, you’ll get one of two options when looking for help. Some people will suggest getting your windows repaired, while other people will tell you that you need a replacement window. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I repair or replace my home’s windows?” we can help you out. Here are a few things to look for that could point to one solution over the other.

When To Repair Your Windows

Repairing your windows can be a good option, assuming you have windows that are repairable. Many modern windows are more difficult to fix, but these issues below usually indicate that you can go with this method.

Faulty Mullions

Mullions are the parts of the window that actually hold the glass pane. If you notice that your mullions are splitting or starting to rot away, you can get them repaired if you have single-pane glass in your window. Replacing the putty that holds the glass isn’t an extremely demanding process.

Stuck Sashes

The sashes of your window can get stuck in various ways that you can’t always control. If your sash has a broken cord on the sash weight, or if you notice that the sash is off the track it should be in, you can get these issues repaired rather than get an entire replacement.

Damaged Window Casing

The exterior casing of your window can go through lots of problems. If the casing loosens, starts to rot, or gets cracked, you don’t necessarily need to replace your windows. Anyone can repair an exterior casing, which usually involves new materials for the casing itself, but not the entire window.

When To Replace Your Windows

Knowing if you should repair or replace your home’s windows is about understanding the severity of your problems. These are some of the issues that could indicate that you shouldn’t mess around with repairs and just go for a replacement.

Structural Issues

The entire outer structure of your window can start to fail over time as it remains continually exposed to the elements. This could mean further issues to your home’s exterior if not addressed. Replacing a window with structural problems is the safest way to protect your home and have your windows look their best.

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows usually happen due to condensed water inside a double- or triple-paned insulated glass unit. Modern glass units have fully sealed designs, meaning that it’s extremely difficult to get to this condensed water without ruining the glass entirely. You’re better off replacing a window that keeps fogging up on you.

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