Tables are such an important part of a room’s aesthetic, even if most of the time, we don’t register that they’re right in front of us. Try to imagine your kitchen or living room without its table. You’ll see how odd it is that this very central part of our homes isn’t always considered important. If you’re on the lookout for a new table to tie a room together, you may want to look at a glass tabletop. We’ll give you a few reasons to use glass tabletops in your home so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Improves the Illusion of More Space

While we do want our tables to take up a large portion of the room, we don’t want them to make the room feel crowded and small. A really big table can make a medium-sized room look like a cramped mess. Glass tabletops avoid this problem by letting you have a big table without it appearing to take up a ton of room. This can make any room look much bigger.

Doesn’t Block the Rest of the Room

Lines of sight are important in any room. What you can see at a quick glance can color how you feel about the layout and design. For larger tables, wooden or stone tops can block a lot of the rest of the room. We already know this makes the room look smaller, but it also blocks your view. You can see your nice chairs or decorations much easier through a glass tabletop.

Makes a Better Display Area

Tabletops aren’t always the most decorative pieces in a room. One of the best reasons to choose a glass tabletop is because it creates a cleaner and more open display for anything you put on top of it. Whether it’s decorations such as coffee table books, flower vases, or it’s a beautiful meal you just prepared, a glass tabletop can make them shine.

Creates Better Lighting

Speaking of shining, glass tabletops can make any room brighter and more inviting by not blocking a large portion of the light in the room. Both natural and artificial light look better when they take up more space. The refractions of light you can get through a glass table just aren’t possible in any other material.

Resistant to Staining

A more practical reason to consider glass for your tabletop is how easy they are to clean. Wood and even stone can stain over time, especially without constant care and attention. Glass is far more stain-resistant and doesn’t take as much effort to keep clean for long periods of time.

Tualatin Valley Glass specializes in customizing beautiful glass tabletops to fit your aesthetic. Give your home a bright new addition with a glass tabletop today!