A window is a lot like a stuffy nose—you don’t notice how much you appreciate normal operations until you can’t use it anymore. With pleasant temperatures, there is nothing better than opening your window to let in some fresh air, especially at night. However, you might find yourself stuck in the heat, at war with your window if it refuses to stay open. But we are here to help you solve that. Keep reading for possible reasons why your windows won’t stay up.

Wood Warping

While caulk can last for quite a while, it doesn’t last forever, and its efficacy can wear down considerably. When your caulk wears out, the weatherproof sealant is not as impervious, leading to moisture accumulation. Wood and moisture are like oil and water—they don’t go together, which can cause your wood to warp. Wood warping will change the tension put on your window and is one common reason it won’t stay up.

Foundation Adjustments

We may forget sometimes, but we are on a planet that is rotating while also moving at speeds our minds can’t comprehend. As such, shifts in the terrain are a commonality. These shifts can slightly adjust a home’s foundation, disrupting the balance of the windows.

Defective Window

Sometimes the reason for your problem is as simple as the window itself, which could be defective. A damaged window can distort the balance that allows you to open and close it with ease. If a defective window is your problem, all you will need is a repair, and luckily, we are perfect for the job. At Tualatin Valley Glass, we have a team of trained technicians ready to help you with your window balance repair.

Metal Corrosion

Nearly every window will have a metal lock that keeps your window up, allowing you to enjoy a nice breeze. However, you may find your window slamming shut if the metal lock corrodes. Corrosion can occur with age or when moisture works its way in, creating a sticky environment that doesn’t allow for the window to stay in one position.

Dust Accumulation

No one is safe from the invasiveness that is dust accumulation, and your windows are no exception. When dust builds up in and around the window track, that can easily prevent the window from staying up.