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Glass Table Tops & Shelving

round glass table top edgework example table tops glass shelves

Add Elegance to any room with glass

We have a glass table top or shelf for your every need.

We offer:

  • Custom glass tops of different thicknesses: from 3/16 to 3/4"
  • Clear, black, gray, blue or even green tinted glass options. Annealed or tempered.
  • We can bevel, polish or smooth the edges several ways.
  • Radius or Angled corners
  • Holes, slots, notches or cutouts
  • Glass tops to protect the wooden surface of a desk, cabinet, shelf, dining room table & more
  • Outdoor Patio table top replacements
  • Ultraviolet blocking tint to help prevent fading from heat and sun damage
  • Hardware for mounting shelves to the wall
  • No project too big or too small for us to do